CPSports Classes

Do you want your child to learn to love the outdoors and physical activity?  Central Park Sports classes provide outdoor athletic activity (indoor facilities may be used in the Winter Season) and instruction in a wide range of sports (soccer, baseball, basketball, volleyball, lacrosse, football, rugby, tennis etc.) as well as supervision in classic park games such as frisbee, capture the flag and more!  Our coaches consist of current and former college and professional athletes who love their sports and love working with children of all ages and abilities.  Most of our classes are non-competitive and emphasis is on having FUN and demonstrating good sportsmanship while learning the basic skills and rules of the games.  More advanced skills classes are available at your request.  

Pricing & Schedule
April 5 - June 12
Open Classes*
9 one hour classes                     $360
9 one and 1/2 hour classes       $495
Choose one or more days/times at registration
10:30a, 1:00p, 3:30p, 4:30p
9:00a, 10:30a, 1:00p, 2:30p, 4:00p
Private Classes*
One hour classes     $240/class up to 6 kids
$40/additional child/class
1.5 hour classes    $330/class up to 6 kids
$40/additional child/class

*A minimum number of participants and classes may be required