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Ready when you are...

First, we want to wish our entire Central Park Sports family good health as we navigate this uncertain time. Our heartfelt condolences go out to anyone who has lost a friend or loved one to COVID-19. There will be better days ahead and we hope to be a part of them.

Currently, we believe we can hold a modified Central Park Sports Summer program limited to activities that have been deemed safe and legal, as they do not require close contact (tennis, golf, etc.). We understand that not everyone is comfortable sending kids out into the Park at this time. In the end, YOU get to determine when you are comfortable starting programming. We did not get enough registrations to start June 15, but you can still register here for future weeks. When we have the numbers, we will provide the programming!

We have plans for a progressing program that will add activities as laws and conditions permit. Additionally, we are creating proposals for modified versions of other sports to show that they can be played while allowing for social distancing. We are working to secure additional areas for play and recruiting additional staff in anticipation of smaller groups spread around more areas of Central Park. We are implementing policies to limit the sharing of equipment and for sanitizing shared equipment between uses. Register here to guarantee your spot as soon as we open.

The Spring Break Mini-Camp, Spring Central Park Sports Classes have been canceled.

Summer Rollerblading classes and private lessons may be possible once conditions permit.

Ice skating/hockey at Chelsea Piers and City Ice Pavilion are on hold  pending the status of those facilities.

Birthday Parties and other special events are also on hold until further notice. 

Stay safe and we hope to see you in the Park soon!

-Coach Cory Sammons